Check Out This Awesome Florida SEO Company

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So we recently went on a search for a SEO Company to work on one of our sites. Since we are in Florida, we figured we should find one that is in the State, preferably our area. After doing tons of searches we finally found a good Florida SEO Company to handle our site. We interviewed about 10 of them and that brought us down to only 2 to choose from. To get to our final answer, we checked out the two companies past client and current client ranking data info. One of them was ok, it seemed they knew what they were doing, and got some keywords on page 1. But, the other one, well we were very surprised at what we saw. Every single keyword that they worked on was on page 1, and we were able to verify that the company actually worked on the site because each site had a link on the bottom of the page that said ” SEO by xxxxx “. Now if that isn’t enough proof that they know the SEO Game then I do not know what is. If that wasn’t enough to sell us, they also added a bunch more to the deal. They put in writing that if they do not rank at least half of our keywords on page 1 within a certain amount of time then they would work for free until they do. They also will send weekly reports, with what they did for that week, and what they will be doing the next week. If that isn’t enough, they will also be creating, maintaining, and writing for our blog, on a weekly basis. This seems like a really good deal, and their prices are not bad either. We are paying them a monthly fee, which is for at least 6 months, and then we can go from there. Without giving out too much info, the keywords we decided to work on are from medium to hard in the competition area. From the results that we saw, we are extremely confident that they can get the job done, and that is a good feeling to be comfortable with a company that holds your online success in their hands. If you do not have a good Local SEO Company on your side then you should just throw in the cards now. In this day and age it is imperative to have a online identity and if your not ranking on page 1, then you might as well not even have a site. Reason being, if the only traffic that your getting to your site is direct, then you are missing out on all the search engine traffic, which is very good and targeted traffic. If your looking for a excellent SEO Company that only uses Natural & Organic Ranking Methods, then you need to check out Natural SEO Juice for more information. You will be very impressed with them, and after they show you the results they get, you will not be able to say no. Make sure to tell them you saw them on this site, please 😉 Have a great day everyone!!