Check Out This Excellent West Palm Beach Locksmith Company

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Hey everyone, hope you all had a great New Year’s. Today I am going to tell you about this awesome and very competent delray beach locksmith company that really helped us out over this holiday. I was our with a bunch of friends and somehow my keys did not make it into my pocket so we were stuck unless we got a hold of a locksmith service and had them come out to let us into the car. They quoted me a pretty reasonable rate specially considering it was New Year’s Eve and 1am, so that was the first great thing about this company. The second thing awesome about them is the quick time it took for them to get to where we were, taking into consideration the amount of traffic that was out and the location we were at. It only took them about 15 minutes to get to where we were. That was amazing in itself. The third thing great about them is that once the guy had arrived it only took him about 4 minutes to locate the keys which were on the passenger floor mat and get inside without doing any damage to the window. Everybody who I was with was very impressed with the pricing, time it took and the quality of service I received. I would definitely have to give this company ten stars out of ten. The reason for this post is to give recognition to an awesome company that really ca,e through for us at a time of need and they could of charged us a lot more and took much more time to arrive, but they didn’t and that is admirable, given the locksmith industry and the bad reputation they have gotten for themselves. So I do recommend this company if any of you are in need of a locksmith for your house, car, or business and want to get a good price and quality work done.

This company I am referring to is called Locksmith Delray Beach and you can check out their website here and you can call them @ this number 561 870-0118 for more information and pricing. Please note that we are in no way shape or form related to this company, the only thing we are basing this post on is our recent experience we had with using them on New Year’s Eve. If you mention seeing this post I can tell you that you will not receive a discount, or any special treatment and this is because their prices are already rock bottom and and their service is already excellent. They also have more locations all around South Florida. If you live in Boynton Beach Florida you can check out their website for more information and prices about their great Boynton Beach Locksmith Services. You will get the same great low prices regardless if you call the Delray Beach location or the Boynton Beach location. All of the locations have the same owner and same managers so no need to worry. I can tell you first hand that you will get well taken care of if you choose to use these guys for any of your lock outs. Just so you guys know, they have a 10% discount going on most of the time and have other specials as well. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. They work holidays and weekends as well. Do not make the mistake of using some other scammy locksmith company that is only interested in milking as much money as possible from you that they can. Those other companies use a unethical tactic called the good old bait and switch. This means that while they have you on the phone they will pretty much give you the lowest price they can and get you to agree to a appointment, but then when they arrive and it is time for you to pay the bill they somehow add some other fees and make up reasons to make it justifiable for them to charge those fees. But in reality they are not real and you should not have to pay them.

Now this is the last paragraph that we are going to give you today. This one is about the other location they have in West Palm Beach that you can check just by searching for a West Palm Beach Locksmith in any search engine, that’s if you live in West Palm of course. I know that there are literally thousands of locksmiths in Palm Beach County alone and it is very hard sometimes to choose one so that is another reason we decide to write this post today. Now you will not have to go out and search through hundreds or thousands of different companies before finding a good one to use. We have already done that legwork for you and now all you have to do is either bookmark this page or check out the websites we mentioned and give them a call. I can honestly say that these guys are the only honest, reputable, low costing, professional, and upfront locksmiths around town. Regardless of what city you live in they will have people standing by to come out and rescue you from being locked out of your house or car or even business location. I really hope that this post reaches the people it needs to and someone get some good use of it, because we did put a good deal of time into writing it and it would be a real shame if nobody reads it. So that is it for now, hope everyone has a great day and have a happy new year.