Moving Company In NYC

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Ok guys, today you will read about a moving company that did such a great job that we thought we would do a quick and accurate write up about them. About 2 weeks ago a family member of mine had to move. They live in Manhattan NY, and had to move across town. I searched and searched for the best, most professional NYC Moving Company and eventually found them. I talked to about 5 different companies and then tried to narrow it down from there. I asked a bunch of questions and found out pretty much everything about the companies, how they worked, their prices, and if they were green movers. After that round of questioning I was able to cross off 3 of those companies from the list. My next thing to do was get some estimates. The remaining companies all provided free on-site estimates so this worked out well. I was able to have them all come out and evaluate the situation and give us a price based on what they saw, not  what I told them over the phone. Out of the remaining Moving Companies, I was able to make my decision based on this estimate, because at the same time I met the owner and a few workers, who all seemed very nice, polite, and caring of the stuff that was being moved. I was very happy with the company that we chose, and it also helped that they were the ones with the best process as well. Don’t worry, I will reveal their name further down in the post. on their site they said that it would be best to give them about 4-6 weeks notice before the move, and I did exactly that. This would give them absolutely no excuses if something went wrong. As they had the right amount of time to prepare and were paid ahead of time. Moving day came and they were actually a half hour early to the house. They started the packing process, and were very careful to not break anything and they really cared about their work. That was clearly seen by how they packed and the time they took to wrap each and every item.

Once everything was wrapped and packed, they started to move everything into their moving truck. They had a second truck there just in case there wasn’t enough room in the first truck. I thought that was an excellent idea of them and well thought out beforehand. The Moving Company In Manhattan Serenity Movers really did a great job and we were overly satisfied with the whole moving precess. They really knew how to make the whole thing completely free free for us and this let us concentrate on more important things of the move. I was so happy with how everything worked out that I actually gave them much more of a tip that is standard in the industry. usually you would tip about 15% of the total cost of the move, but since they did such a great job I gave them 25%. They were very happy with this and extremely grateful, and it showed 100%. That is why I decided to spend a hour to put together this blog post, to let everyone know how good of a job they did and to recommend them to anyone who is moving in the NYC area. We only recommend people and companies that we have actually moved, and we will not and do not receive any compensation for writing this about them. I hope this helped at least one person in choosing a moving company in Manhattan and/or NYC. Thanks so much for reading this and have an outstanding day!

We are back today to give you all a quick update on the moving company we recommended in the previous article. We used them again for a local office move and they exceeded our expectations once again. They did another excellent job and we are standing by our previous statements that they are indeed the best and most reliable NYC Movers out there in the moving world. They once again provided excellent customer service, gave us a super low and affordable rate, got the job done quickly and flawlessly, and did an all around excellent job on the move. Once again we definitely recommend this moving company for any and all upcoming moves you may need, whether they are residential or commercial, and that covers NYC, Manhattan, and the Bronx. That is all for today’s update, have a great day!