Office Supply Company That Does Support AbilityOne

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The other day one of my employees was given the task of ordering some office supplies that we needed. This is usually handled by someone else except she was on vacation. So this new person came to me with some prices and on the paperwork at the top it said we Support AbilityOne and that they were authorized dealer. That shocked me because I have not see that many companies that participate in that program or that sell products that directly contribute to it. So me being the nice guy that I am I decided to make one large purchase for the month so that the people who benefit from AbilityOne would be helped out. They are doing a great thing by helping out people who have major or minor living disabilities and more companies should be helping out. Besides the fact that they support them they also have some really great supplies that I have no seen anywhere else, and their prices are super low for some great quality things. In addition, the order was supposed to take a few weeks and it happened to show up only 1 week later. This company we are talking about is called OfficeSalesUSA and they are located in Brooklyn New York. They have been around for a long time and are pros in the industry. They will help you out however they can in regards to finding the right furniture or office supplies. If you are close to ordering your monthly supplies then you should definitely give these guys a shot. Besides the awesome products, low prices, and great customer service please remember that anything you buy will help out people with severe disabilities, hearing impairments, or even wounded soldiers. Do the right thing because if you were in their shoes you would probably be preying that someone out there would help you out.