Window Tint Shops In The Boca Raton Area

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In the past few weeks we have gotten our cars and house tinted, and we are very happy with the service we received. This post is meant to help you make the decision on what shop to choose when getting your tint done. The first boca raton window tint shop we used has been around for some time now. They have excellent reviews and have great references to check out. We decides to try them out first with one of the cars. They did such a good job on that we decided to use them on the other car. After that, we then had them come to our house and tint the windows their as well. We are so happy with the results, that it triggered me to write this about them. Also, they have specials every week which are indeed much lower prices then the other shops around here. So, the excellent service, professional installation, and very special pricing makes them an excellent place to get all your windows tinted. When we were searching for a place we literally went o like 20 different shops. We checked out the projects they worked on previously, and the cars that they had in their shop at the current time. Their work was pretty impressive, which was what made us decide to try them out with our first car. You can see their site here = for more great information about their tint services. This is our first recommendation for you, which means that we have used them and had a good experience with them.

Now onto our second recommendation, which is another great tint shop we have used. These guys have been around for about a year now, and the are extremely popular so far. Their window tint boca raton service is just as good as the other shop we just told you about. We used them for our office which gets too much sun during the day, and the whole office was way to hot for us and our employees. So we decided to try them out, and what do you know, they did an excellent job as well. The installation was done perfectly, and it looks fantastic. No errors and done in a times fashion. They also only use premium film, mostly 3M and LLumar, which are both top of the line premium films. Their workers have loads of experience applying tint, so all the work they do is of the highest standards. They also have special promotions every month. make sure to ask them about that so you get the best possible price you can. They are one of the best tint shop in Boca Raton, by far. You can see their great site here = to either read about their services or make an appointment to go talk to them. Both of the places we mentioned here are the best of the best, wither one you choose will do a great job and you will not be disappointed. So go ahead and check those places out, before they get too busy and you have to wait for an appointment.